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Fatal Secrets

My newest GH story. 

Title: Fatal Secrets
Fandom: GH
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: T
Summary: Forced into a situation that promises no joy, all hell breaks loose as revelations leave everyone stunned and spinning out of control, especially towards each other. [ AU, multichap., updated frequently ] [ SKate, Liason, Scrubs, LNL3 ]

can also be found here at my fanfiction.net account; updated here first

Fatal Secrets

& ; prologue

( how long do you let it go on? )

Sonny & Connie . Jason & Elizabeth . Logan & Lulu . Patrick & Robin

Disclaimer: I do not own GH, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.


So go ahead and blame me,
When it all falls down,
Cause it'll all fall down.

-- The Calling, When It All Falls Down


Lies and truth; it can all become nothing more than a twisted web of deception and as you try to claw your way out, desperately seeking the light, you suddenly find that perhaps it not all as easy as you once thought.

How long do you let it go on? How long do you let them suffer?

Many never have the luxury to make that decision.



Fatal Secrets

& ; keeping up the charade

( how long do you let it go on? )

Sonny & Connie . Jason & Elizabeth . Logan & Lulu . Patrick & Robin

Disclaimer: I do not own GH, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.


This story is AU, meaning that it does not necessarily follow the Daytime Show canon. There are slight changes to the story making it this way; Lulu and Logan are still together at the show's current status. Maxie has not ruined anything for them yet. Johnny has not surfaced and probably will not over the course of this story. Robin and Patrick are still together, Robin is not looking to have a baby at the moment and Leyla has not been in Patrick's apartment at all. Everything else is the way it is on the show unless I have missed something myself.


Sonny sat in his office chair, a regular situation he found himself to be in, staring off into space. He was completely occupied with his thoughts.

With the arrival of Trevor Lansing he'd been pushed back into his childhood memories all over again. He thought that by now the pain would have lessened. In truth, it had, quite a bit in fact. But now there was something else weighing down on his mind, making it as bad as before. Kate. Or Connie, what he would've rather liked to call her by. Trevor not only sent up a red flag in Sonny's mind, but Connie was beginning to realize that he was no mere 'friend' of hers.

They'd deduced that he had drugged her. It was the only plausible explanation for her accident and he'd all but admitted it to anyone who asked him. Now, Sonny knew her career was up in the air.

And this was all because of the cold bastard who represented not only his ruined life but a looming threat; Anthony Zacchara.

And of course, Sonny himself, but despite his attempts to warn Connie away from him, she stood by him without fail.

Trevor was an issue. A very, very big issue. He wanted him gone, taken care of; and Jason had refused. Deep down Sonny knew that he should trust Jason's logic and ability to take the safer path without endangering himself or his best friend, but the emotional baggage and current destruction of someone he cared too much about to let fall was pushing him past his limits.

A knock on his office door gave him a welcome relief from the questions plaguing him and he told whoever it was that they could come in. He smiled and stood when he saw it was Connie herself, smiling tiredly. She looked like she'd been through hell and back, but he wasn't about to tell her that. It had been her first day doing her community service and he knew that she'd been prepared for what she thought she was going to be receiving.

He was willing to bet she got the exact opposite.

"Rough day?" He teased, shutting the door.

She reached up to touch her hair self-consciously. "Do I look that bad?"

"No, no." Sonny shook his head, grinning and flashing off his dimples. "You look as fashionable as always."

"Liar." She rolled her eyes, walking past him over to the water. Pouring herself a glass, she turned back to face him. "That Epiphany woman... She's got quite the way of talking to people. She calls it 'nice'. I call it unprofessional." Sipping her water she raised an eyebrow questioningly when he shook his head with humor.

"If that's all your worried about, then I'm sure you'll be fine."

Sighing, she walked over to the chair opposite his own and sat down. He followed suit, swinging around a bit in his own. "It was alright." She supplied reluctantly.

"Alright?" He asked skeptically.

"Yes, alright." She shrugged. "It's better than being locked away in a cell."

Sonny frowned. She was being very unlike herself. No major complaints, no talk of fashion and how desecrating this was to her 'oh-so-grand' career... Something was up. "What happened?" He asked, his tone serious and asking for nothing but the answer to his question.

She kept her eyes low, rocking her glass back and forth so the water swirled around. She contented herself with that for a minute or two before she looked up at him and he was surprised to see tears in her eyes. He hadn't seen her cry since they'd been reunited with one another; even on that day that she broke down in his arms, he hadn't actually seen the overdrive of emotion in her eyes. She'd quickly covered it up and scurried out of his house so he couldn't see it, telling him she needed to do something or other as a cover.

Concerned, he asked again. "What happened?" He enunciated clearly, leaning over the desk.

She seemed to struggle with the words for a moment before they tumbled out of her. "I went to the Metro Court after I was, well, finished... And Trevor was there. He gave me... This." She held up a piece of paper and let it fall down onto the desk.

Sonny opened it up and read the first few lines. He didn't need to read any further. Looking up with no surprise -- he'd known this was coming -- he wasn't sure what to say to her. Trevor had just taken away what she'd worked her whole life away for, throwing away her wishes and dreams for.

"He fired you." It was all he said, all he could say. He was fuming, could feel the anger burning and building inside him.

"He fired me." She said throatily. She shook her head. "I know he said he would, but I... I didn't think he would... Actually do it." Rubbing her face tiredly with her hands, she sagged back in the chair. "I guess it's ironic that even though the charges didn't send me away I would still lose it all and not even over what I'd been worried about all along!" She shook her head. "Connie Falconeri didn't ruin this one for me."

"Kate Howard didn't ruin it either. That bastard did." He trailed off, deciding not to say anything else about the man in front of her while she was like this.

"It doesn't matter now." She sniffed, standing. Brushing her clothes off a bit, she straightened herself out. "But I'm not going to go down without a fight. I made that magazine what it is... I haven't completely lost it, I did a lot for Warren. If I just talk to him... Maybe we can work something out."

"That's what I like to hear." Sonny said and he moved to stand in front of her. "If you need anything..." He murmured, taking her hand in his.

"I know, I know." She nodded and just about turned to leave, but she stopped and wrapped her arms around his neck. He returned the gesture, holding her close.

"You'll be okay." He reassured her.

"I'll be okay." She agreed, but neither knew whether or not to believe it.


She missed him a lot and she knew, like she'd known all along, that what she was doing to him wasn't fair. She wanted him to be a part of their lives, but the danger... It was so great. But then, how could she even say that when she and her children had constantly been around him? 'Hipocrisy at it's best.' She thought, annoyed with herself for the mess she'd created. She had thought it was for the best, but...

Clearly, she had been wrong.

And now not only were she and Jason miserable, but so were Lucky and Sam for being pulled into the mess. Lucky was still in the dark about everything... But as far as she knew -- informed quite recently -- Sam knew that Jake was Jason's son.

And now on top of trying to deal with her growing love for Jason, she was constantly in fear of Lucky finding out through his latest partner in bed.

'It's your fault for not telling him.' She chided herself. 'If you're so scared, why not clear it up yourself?'

Because they were getting a divorce, because the information would make Jake a target, because she was trying to bring as much normalcy to her and her children's lives as possible. Because, because, because. What was she supposed to do? She didn't know anymore.

"Elizabeth?" Emily's kind voice came from over her shoulder and Elizabeth looked up from the paperwork she'd been supposed to be completing but had instead been staring at listlessly. "How are you doing?"

Her best friend had asked her the same question every day now, almost every hour and it was getting on her nerves. But she washed the irritability away, as she knew Emily was only trying to look out for her and to make sure she was okay and happy. The doting woman knew she wasn't, though. Still, Elizabeth told her she was fine. "I'm just trying to adjust, is all. It's a big change, not only for the kids... But for me, too."

"I know." Emily nodded. "But you'll all be fine, I know you will. How's Lucky? Have you heard from him?"

Elizabeth chuckled mirthlessly to herself and shook her head, blowing out a big breath. "Lucky. He was by here earlier," she said, penning information down onto the paper in front of her. "He said he wanted Alexis to handle the divorce papers... He's having them sent to me, instead of the other way around and having me sign to not contest to anything."

"Why would he do that?"

Elizabeth sighed and looked up at the ceiling, turning around and leaning back against the hospital front desk. "He said he didn't want Diane handling it. Knowing Lucky..." She trailed off, letting Emily piece it together.

"Knowing Lucky, he wouldn't want Diane to handle the divorce because it's Jason's lawyer." Emily understood. All she could do was shake her head.

"Why, Emily?" Elizabeth asked exasperatedly, albeit softly. "Why does it always come back to Jason with him?" She was frustrated with Lucky's constant needing to feel more important than any other male in her life -- present or past. She knew it was her fault he felt that way, given the fact that she'd turned to Jason and not him, but it had been Lucky sleeping with Maxie and getting addicted to pills that had caused her to go to the enforcer.

"Maybe he knows." Emily paused. "Maybe he sees the way you look at Jason, hears the way you talk about him... And he knows Jason has your heart and he doesn't. He's more than likely convinced himself that he never will, but he's not just going to sit back and watch as he loses you to another man."


"How do you do it, Stone Cold? How do you keep your heart from breaking pitifully in the wake of the Maternal One's presence?" Spinelli chatted away to his more or less silent companion. They were both sitting on the couch, eating and drinking to their respective tastes and Spinelli was yet again bringing up the subject of Elizabeth; or so Jason thought. "The Blonde One... The Blonde One's heart is being held in the hand's of the Knuckle Scraper and there is nothing that I can do!"

Glad that this was about Spinelli and his problems with Lulu and not Jason's own, Jason just told Spinelli what he always told him. "If you know something that she doesn't and she isn't listening... You need to let her do what she wants."

"But, I--"

"Just be there for her when it's all over." Jason cut him off. "She needs to make her own decisions and her own mistakes."

Spinelli feel quiet. "Fair enough then... I shall take your words of wisdom and... Follow them, even though I am so greatly against seeing her Blonde Heart get broken by the Unworthy One."


And as Spinelli started rambling about the newest technologies and video games, trying to put his mind at ease and failing, Jason gave him one ear but his mind went elsewhere. He wished that, like Spinelli, he could be there for the person he cared about more than anything... But he knew it wasn't a feasible option for him. He knew he could protect Elizabeth and her boys, but Elizabeth didn't want to take the chance.

And so he would play along... But he would never be content to just see them whenever he did. He wanted to be around them, with them, talking and laughing with them.

That would never be his life, though. It would never be his reality.


Lulu laughed -- something she'd been doing a lot more often lately since she'd gotten involved with Logan.

Big bad Logan; everyone was constantly telling her to stay as far away from him as humanly possible. Sure, there were certain times she thought that perhaps their advice should be taken to heart, but the majority of the time she found more and more reason to stay with him. Underneath the bad boy exterior, there was a soft side, a side that she only ever got to see. She felt lucky in that aspect, but then she wished he would project onto more people.

Like Spinelli, their current topic of conversation.

"Spinelli, and yes, that is his name Logan so call him by it," she paused, giving him a scolding look for good measure. "Is my best friend. He is and nothing is going to change that, so please, try and get along with him. For me."

Logan let out a breath and leaned back in his chair. "Look, I'm ready and willing. He isn't."

"Maybe if you're nice to him..." She tried, raising her eyebrows.

"...He won't play nice with me, Lulu. The guy is too hooked on you to let himself be civil to me. And that's fine, but I'm not gonna deal with it wherever I go, whenever I see him, whenever I'm with you." He explained to her, indifference clouding his features. He didn't really care about Spinelli, she was sure of that -- but it would be nice if he could at least pretend to care. She'd feel a lot better about the two. She didn't want any repeats of Spinelli being pummeled and Logan being taunted and cornered into a blank rage.

She sighed, knowing that miracles weren't possible for this situation. She'd just need to wait it out and see.

"Look," Logan said, seeing her visibly give up. He laid his arms out on the table and enfolded her hands within his. "I'm going to try, alright? Sphagetti--"

"Spinelli." She cut in, smiling sweetly as his exasperated expression.

"Spinelli," he corrected, emphasizing his name, "and I could get along if we tried, I'm sure and I'll try for you. I'm not going to let our differences over you ruin the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Lulu couldn't stop the grin from breaking out. Squirming a little, she took the compliment with grace and wondered how she'd almost let this guy, this blooming relationship, pass her by. She wasn't quite sure what everyone was warning her away from.

He was sweet and gentle and kind with her.

Why couldn't anyone else see that?


"I'm very busy, so no... We won't be able to have a meeting in the broom closet." Robin smiled, laughing as Patrick cornered her in the hallways.

"Why are you so busy? Not even I'm this busy and I... I should be the busy one." Patrick asked, smirking that smirk of his that caught all the ladies' eyes and had them crawling around after him for whatever attention they could wheedle out of him. "You can't even spare me a few minutes of your valuable time...?"

"No." Robin said firmly, pushing him away from her. "No. Besides, our relationship, based on whatever it is, is too grand to be celebrated in a broom closet, don't you agree? I mean, I couldn't possibly degrade us like that, could I?" She shook her head. "No, no, I don't think I could. You'll just have to wait, Dr. Drake." She was clearly teasing him and Patrick was fully aware of this. Deciding to fight back, he stepped further away from her.

"Well, if you won't do it..."

"You can find another woman if you must, but just know that my offers have been increasing rapidly." She congratulated herself, but knew that it had only slipped out because she actually wondered if he would do such a thing... Her mind wandered to Leyla, the student nurse who'd taken to Patrick. She'd been around him a lot... And Patrick hadn't refused the company and knowing him, he was probably enjoying it.

No, it was just her usual insecurities getting to her again. She knew he wouldn't do that to her, not after he'd let himself get in so deep with her, something he'd been so against when they'd first met.

She got him with that comment and Patrick frowned, not liking the fact that he'd turned it around on him... And not for the first time.

Maybe he should start taking notes.

"So what else do you have to do?" Patrick asked her, deciding to follow her and change the subject to something more professional as she walked away from him to wherever is was she needed to be.

Robin spared him a glance. "I have rounds... And then I have a few patients to see... And a last surgery scheduled for the night. Then I get to go home and relax." She sighed, smiling suggestively -- teasingly.

"See you there, then." Patrick smirked, the professionalism he'd been going for taking a more personal note.

"See you there." Robin agreed, feeling giddy even though they'd spent nights together for the longest time now. It would never change, she thought, the overreacting emotions.

And for that, she was glad she'd taken the chance.



"So what?"

"So," the first voice said, beyond the point where they were willing to play stupid games. "How are we going to do this? We can use this to our advantage, but..."

"I know someone." The second person said, grinning darkly. "They can help us out."

"Perfect!" Excitement coursed through both of them at the thought of them finally getting the chance to get back at people who'd wronged them in the past. "When can we meet them? I'm so ready to let this run its rightful course... None of them deserve anything better than that."

"Soon. I'll set it up. Don't worry about it."

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